Parentheses won't nestle

I can’t get this left parentheses to nestle close to the notehead, inside the accidental. There’s clearly enough room.

It works for me:


Hmm. I’ve tried resetting to the defaults, but it still doesn’t work (I don’t like the defaults anyways).

If you want to post the affected part of your score, I can have a look at it and try to figure out what is causing the issue.

Here’s a snippet.Skriabin Preludes excerpt.dorico (435.0 KB)

Hmm, indeed!
If I hide the natural on the A, the left parenthesis closes in to the note, as it does if I move the top note (E) up a step to the F line. Obviously, those two changes are not what you want. I’ll keep investigating.

In Engrave mode, set Properties > Notes & Rests > Accidental X offset to -1/4 space. That moves the lecft parenthesis. You might then be able to use Properties > Arpeggios > X offset to space the arpeggio marking . Don’t forget to set properties to Globally.

Skriabin Preludes excerpt-ed.dorico (424.7 KB)

Many thanks for your help on that. I have to say, I’m surprised I can’t simply drag the parentheses where it needs to go.

I suppose that it is considered to be part of the note and follows Dorico’s rules for collision avoidance, etc.

The factory default Engraving Options put the brackets in the correct places. Why not spend a few minutes figuring out where your defaults differ?

I found that too, until I put in the key signature of B major,which is what is in the actual project.

Edit: I have just reset to Factory in Engraving Options and, yes, that fixed it.

I reset the Engraving Options within Dan’s snippet, and got what I’d expect. That suggests the key signature is irrelevant.

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Engraving Options > Bracketed Noteheads > Horizontal Position > Design > Use drawn curve could be the culprit. The vertical measurement of the parenthesis appears to be very slightly greater with Use drawn curve, but enough to trigger collision avoidance it seems.

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Thanks gents. Well, that’s a colossal bummer. I don’t prefer the factory defaults here, but I seem to have no choice.

This might still work without you having to change any other settings.

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Of course, I should have read more carefully. Indeed, it fixes it perfectly. Thanks!

Also note that different fonts may have different sized brackets and accidentals, which can affect the positioning in different ways.

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