"Parsing of online version check failed." Dorico won't start


Can’t start dorico. Took forever to initialize audio engine, now it’s showing “Parsing of online version check failed”. Would seem a bit off if failing to check version online would prevent the product from running.

Tried it twice. Sits on waiting to start audio engine for literally 5 minutes, then pops this message in the startup / splash screen. Not sure if I should wait longer for it to do something or what.

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Are you on Win or Mac?

Hi Ulf

Windows 11 22h2

Solution: couple of zombie processes (audio engine etc) from aborted starts of Dorico 4 and 5.

I’d just updated to 5.0.10

Killed those and it started fine.


Don’t try to run Dorico 4 and Dorico 5 at the same time: their respective audio engines will compete for the same resources and you will end up in a bad state. Quit one version before you run the other, and I would advise you to wait for a few seconds after Dorico itself quits before you run the other, to ensure the audio engine (which is of course a separate process) has had time to terminate before you try to start another instance of it.

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Thanks Daniel

Yes, I had killed Dorico 4 because I hadn’t meant to run it (wrong shortcut in my taskbar).

Have to commend Ulf on the incredible speed with which he contacted me with PM, set up a Zoom screen share and sorted the problem. Top shelf.

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