Part Automation

Virgin territorys is nice and all, but there would be one feature that would be even better in my opinion:
Part-Based Automation (additionally to track-based)
Automation of all parameters that can be automated with track automation but contained within a part. Would make it a lot easier to keep things in order.
And part-automation and track-automation could be summed together (just like with VCA fader automation).
Often I find myself using MIDI automation of filters whenever possible, so I have my automation data saved with the part. However with part-automation I would not need to do that…

Only thing to consider would be: What happens when I part is moved to another track. If the automation relates to standard parameters (like volume, pan, channels-strip, eq) it could just be copied over. If the new track has the same plugins in the same slots, automation could also be copied over. In any other case, automation would be dropped (with a short warning message).