Part clef override

I’m trying to make a solo bass part which has a transposition of two octaves and a major second. I’ve copied the layout and applied the transposition, which works fine, including the octave displacement, but I can’t get the part to display in treble clef, despite the fact that I’ve tried to set it this way in the overrides dialog. Any ideas?

Make sure there are no explicit clefs on that part, otherwise the explicit clef prevents Dorico from changing it as you requested. That is a problem I already solved for a fellow French speaking Dorician on FB.

Thank you, Marc! Since it was an XML import, it did indeed have explicit clefs. It has been awhile since I’ve had problems with this so I’d forgotten.
For this particular project, I’m also really thankful for Dorico’s truly independent time signatures: in the original parts (early 1600’s), the solo part is notated in 4/4 and the continuo part in 4/2, and I’m actually able to notate it without workarounds.