Part duplication question

Hello community,

I think i don’t see the wood for the trees at the moment…can’t figure it out right now how to do it fast…

I have a score/part with a Trumpet in Bb and a finished layout; the players now also want a Trumpet in C part transposition (so i need both at the end, a duplicate of the trumpet in Bb, but in C).
How to do this the fastest?

In setup mode, create a new layout for an instrument (click the music stand icon). Name it Trumpet in C

Add the Trumpet in Bb instrument to it.

By default the new layout will probably contain all the flows in the project - change that if it’s not what you want.

In Setup / Layout Options / Players, select the Trumpet in C layout and untick “transposing layout.”

Job done!

Ah, there it is…! Thanks.
What if the resulting instrument is not “non transposing” as in this case but e.g. in Eb.
Or i need the same part (Trumpet in B) for Horn in F (without key signature)…?

In that case, you can create a new player that is not included in the score, and copy-and-paste the music. Of course you have to remember to do that again if you update the original score.

It might be more convenient if the default “full score” layout contains all the instruments, and you make a separate score layout (or two scores, if you want a version of the score including the horn instead of the trumpet). In general you may have to tweak the notes that are out of range for one of the instruments instead of just copying and pasting.

Ok, thnak you, the copy&paste approach initially was my approach if there wasn’t such a thing like the “transposing layout” button…

Maybe that will happen when we get user-defined instruments in Dorico. But that’s just a guess - Daniel has said there will be user-defined instruments in some future version, but that’s as much as I know about them!

We certainly plan to add a feature to allow you to specify a transposition override for a layout in future, so you could have a separate part layout that uses the existing Trumpet in Bb instrument, but change its transposition so that it’s in C; we know this is a common requirement for e.g. wind and brass band music and we plan to implement it in future.