Part formatting box for propagation is empty of choices

Hello geniuses…

I finished formatting a woodwind part and now I want to propagate the formatting etc to the trombone part for instance. But when I right click the layout for alto/flute part I have formatted there are no choices at all in either the source or destination for the propagation. Am I missing something? I have tried everything.NEW BUMP VISITOR BASS B5.dorico (1.2 MB)

thank you in advance for all the answers

here’s a screenshot of what I see

Unfortunately you’ve set up your parts using Full score layouts - as indicated by the conductor icon in each layout card. Part formatting propagation is only available for part layouts.

Oh I see. I think. Can I change the part in question to a part layout? How does one do that?

thank you

Here is some information about layouts. I don’t believe it’s possible to change a layout’s type - you can restore all the part layouts that should be there by default though.

If you’ve created lots of manual system/frame breaks, you can also select them in your current “part” layout, copy them, then paste them into the new part-part layout to retain your casting off.

OK the copy/paste kind of worked. I will be more careful in future to choose “part layout” - there’s something essential I’m just not getting about master pages, layouts, etc. but I will keep plugging.

Thank you for your time and information. Much appreciated.


It can take a bit of time to feel really familiar with these areas of Dorico if it’s not something you’re used to, it took me a while as well.

If you made the layouts Full scores in order to use the same master page templates as the Full score layout, then it’s worth knowing you can change which master page each layout uses, regardless of its type.

The only real differences between the Default Part and Default Full Score master page sets are that the Part set has an extra text frame on the First page that shows the layout name, and the running header on the Default page in the Part set shows the layout name rather than the flow title.

If you’ve not watched some of the videos on the Dorico YouTube channel on this topic, I’d recommend them - it can really help to see the principles in action rather than just described -