part: get a few bars from full score?

Using Dorico pro latest (

I have to replace a few bars in each solo part with those bars of full score (three solos). I have searched and can not see how it is done. Divisi does not work here, as it is not a section.

Show score between B and C in all parts in correct position?

I think I’d create some extra players that appear in the parts but not the score, then Cue or Copy the bits you need into those players. Then set Layout Options for the parts to Hide Empty Staves Always.

I have not grasped the concepts so well that I can do that without step by step info. I find Dorico very un-intuitive, but that must be my personal problem. I did try to make a new flow with only that portion of music, then add it to musical frame in parts, but it came empty.

I did manage to add to bass 1 part at that point two staves below and add cues to those, see image:
Problem is that score now has those staves, too, so for three basses score will have 6 extra empty staves at that point. how do you hide bars in Dorico?

I think it is a common requirement in scores to add couple of staves to certain point of e.g. solo part, if you need if for reference, feet tapping or singing, right? How is this done?

I don’t think it’s a particularly common requirement, to be honest. If you wanted to add just one staff in the part it would be more straightforwardly done: you could create an ossia above or below the main staff in the part, which can be hidden in the full score by switching off the option to show ossias in that layout, and then cue the material from the player whose music needs to be shown in the part onto that ossia staff. But unfortunately you can only have a single ossia on one side of the staff, so you could realistically only cue in one player (it presumably would be no good to have one cue above the main staff and the other below!).

Leo’s suggestion is probably the only practical way it can be done: you add three new players to the ensemble in Setup mode, which are effectively duplicates of the three soloists. You assign these new players to the part in which the solo passage needs to appear. You copy and paste the solo material just for the bars in which that material needs to be cued into the part from the three real players to your three dummy players. Then in Layout Options, on the Vertical Spacing page, you specify that Dorico should hide empty staves on all systems, and make sure that you specify that the real player, the one whose part this is, is selected as a player to be excluded from hiding empty staves. Now you should have a part in which you have all of the music for the actual player, and the solo material from the other three players only for the system or systems in which you’ve copied and pasted the music onto the dummy staves.

Thanks. Now there are some more issues:

How do I move the bracket to the right so I can add player (cb 1, cb 2, cb 3) texts?

Is there a way to make it so that it simply changes to three staves and back without adding extra empty bars on that system, when you do NOT force system breaks (essentially looking as two ossias) ?
PS. all this would be easy if it was possible to add more than one ossia line.

You have a system break there, so in Engrave mode, select the System Break signpost and look for the ‘Staff labels’ property in the Properties panel, which will allow you to show a staff label there.

You can’t currently start and stop staves belonging to other players in the middle of a system in the way that ossias do, I’m afraid. We do plan to add options for this kind of “cutaway” look in future.

All this would be easy if it was possible to add more than one ossia line, and choose above/below (or “order from score”) for each :slight_smile:

One more:
Now the instrument names are there, but I can’t make the numbering right. I added those extra players as
Contrabass 4, 5, and 6. Now they need to show as 1, 2 and 3 instead of 2, 4, 6 (see image). Where is the player name numbering edited?

Put them in their own group in the Players panel in Setup mode, and they will be numbered independently from 1 in that group.

Thanks a lot.