Part layouts. Is this a bug?

If I start a new score from a template and decide to change the Clarinets from Bb to A, the associated layouts will change accordingly. However, if I change my mind later on, after saving the score and reopening it, the layouts won’t change names. I noticed this at rehearsal two weeks ago since I had decided that I wanted the low Db’s after having written much of the arrangement, and changed the clarinets to A. The parts were notated correctly, but the layout remained “Clarinet in Bb”. Fortunately, it was me and my orchestra, so we simply had a good laugh over it (“I was wondering how could play every single note wrong there” etc …)

I realise that I should have noticed it while reviewing parts, but I can’t help thinking that this was not by design. I just started two orchestral arrangements of songs this morning, I made a copy of the first file right after the initial setup so that the orchestration would be the same for both songs. That initial setup was changed to A clarinets because the song in question is in E major; the layouts turned to A clarinets without a hitch… But when I reopened the copy to start the 2nd song, I realised that I would need Bb clarinets and changed them back. That time however, the layout names didn’t change, so I added them manually.

You can rename the Layout by double-clicking its name (in the righthand column) in Setup Mode. That name should then transfer to your part layout when you print it.

Thanks Derrek. I realise that, and have done exactly that this morning. But it is strange that it changes automatically in a new, unsaved score, but then fails to do so automatically after a score is saved and re-opened. I feel this is not the intended behaviour

This is definitely a bug, and I have made a note of it. We’ll try to get to the bottom of it soon.