Part layouts not appearing

Part layouts are not visible in write mode or print mode but the full score is. When I switch to a part I see a blank white screen.
Not sure if it matters but the score has been condensed.
I’m on Dorico 3.5, mac pro Monterey (12.01).

In Setup mode, do you have your instrument(s) selected to their layouts and flows?

Hi Bollen! Yes the every player is paired with its corresponding layout and flow. I’ll share a screenshot. Its like this for every part but the full score is visible.

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Switch to Engrave mode, and in the right panel > Page Templates (previously Master Pages) double-click the First page.

In the top left corner of the page you should see something roughly like this:


Do the blue filters at the top of the music frame show MA, 1, FLOWS: All & PLAYERS: All?

Hi Leo
Yes the blue filters look like this.

Can you attach the file or PM it?

Sorry I can’t it says the file is too big.

Zip it…

Go to Play mode, then go Play > Playback Template, select Silence, Apply and Close. Then Save As something different and attempt to upload the resulting file.

Blank parts.dorico (809.4 KB)
Ok here it is

Bollen’s original suggestion was correct. Select any of the part layouts in the right panel of Setup mode and you’ll see that the flow (in the bottom panel) is not selected. Quick fix: select the Flute layout at the top of the right panel of Setup mode, scroll down to the bottom of the list, Shift-click the Double Bass layout, then tick the box at the far right corner of Flow 2 in the bottom panel.

Thanks Leo and Bollen. I could have sworn I triple checked this but apparently I didn’t. Thanks for taking the time to help me!

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No problem. You’ll want to do this either in your original file, or do it in this shrunken version and then go back to Play > Playback Template (within Play mode) and reapply whichever playback template you were previously using - for most people that’s HSSE+HSO (Pro).