Part missing from layout, shows up in score but I cant print it

I have had this problem before and someone had said to do a New Layout; and I don’t remember how that worked. Simply put, my flute part is on the score, but doens’t show up in layout so as to print…and the template I was working from apparently had this bug, so I have 20 pieces missing flute parts…any ideas?

Thank you Flying.dorico (2.9 MB)

In Setup mode, choose Setup > Create Default Part Layouts (from the menu at the top). A flute part layout will be added at the bottom of the Layouts panel on the right. You can drag it up to below the full score to follow orchestral order if you like, then renumber layouts.

You can also do this manually by creating a new part layout and assigning the flute to it.

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Thank you so much! I have NO IDEA how I did (or didn’t) do that. You have saved me a ton of time!

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