part moves with scrolling arrange page


Sorry if this has been covered but I’m finding it quite hard to describe and so its really difficult to search for!

Upgraded from 5 to 7.

If I am moving a part by left clicking using the arrow icon in the arrange window whilst the song is playing and the arrange window moves along the song following the cursor the part I have clicked on moves to the new page.

Similarly if I am changing the length of the part the part will stretch to the new page as the arrange window scrolls.

This did not happen with Cubase 5 and it means that I need to stop playback every time I edit something, which I find slows down my workflow significantly.

Has anyone else noticed this?



“suspend autoscroll when editing”

Hi Thinkingcap

Thanks for the suggestion…I have tried suspending autoscroll when editing -but it’s not quite the same - I think in this case scrolling stops if you edit until turned back on again. In v5 scrolling would continue but when the arrange page scrolled to the next page any part you are dragging would stay in the location you had moved it to just before the page scrolled. Which may not be the right location but its better than the part following the scrolling of the arrange page.

I know it’s not exactly a feature - its just what Ive got used to. And it seems a strange thing to change.