Part Notes suddenly shifted/transposed into another key


OK something really peculiar just happened. All of a sudden, one of my parts is shifted 5 semi-notes down from F to C, while in the key editor, it still shows that it is in F. When I play the note on the midi keyboard, it still shows and plays as F. There is no Midi modificator or Midi plugin loaded. I just created a new part with a completely different plugin, copy & pasted all the notes into that part and it STILL is shifted 5 semi notes down. How does this happen? Am I going crazy? :mrgreen: :neutral_face:

I exhamined the part with the list editor and there is no additional controller data that might make this happen.

However, I just cut out all the notes, created a new midi part from scratch and then pasted the raw notes back in - the pitch shift is now gone!

Really freaky!

Since you deleted the original MIDI Part there’s no way to know for sure…

But if you had selected that MIDI Part in the Project Window and then looked at the Info Line I bet you’d have seen that the Transpose field was set to -5.

is there a way you could invoke transpose through a keyboard command? it is quite possible that I pressed something by accident

While there is a Transpose Key Command it is not by default assigned to anything. And even if you did accidentally invoke it, you’d notice because it opens a dialog box. Most likely you accidentally clicked on the field in the Info Line and changed it there.

I will check that out when I can. Wasn‘t aware of that this exists! Thanks for the info.

It’s a great feature for quickly trying things. Often I’ll use it to try out a Part an octave higher (or down). Then if I like it I’ll reset the Part Transpose back to 0 and change the underlying midi data - don’t really need to do this though, but I like knowing that the Part in the editor matches what I’m hearing.