Part of frozen track doesn't play...

Hi all - using Cubase 6.05 (but this has happened back to Cubase 4 that I can remember…I have a lead vocal part on a track split into two sections (I cut the silence during a solo out). Whenever I freeze that track, the last few words of it get silenced and i can’t figure out why. It’s one solid track - no punch ins or other time edits of any kind and the waveform stays put showing something’s there, but it goes silence right in the middle of a word and to the end of the track. Unfreeze it and it plays fine. I have zoomed in, reloaded the project many times looking for something that would make the track stop playing and can’t see anything different than the few seconds right before it that would cause this.

Any ideas why just freezing a track would cause part of that track to stop playing?

Thanks for any help.