Part of the Project window is missing

So in my main project window where the tracks are, the lower part of it is grey with no information!. it wont show tracks or the usual bar lines etc… just a solid block of grey… I have no idea how this occurs, I am streaming to OBS with it … anyone have any idea whats going on?!. the only way I have found around it is to open a new project and copy tracks across which works for a short time before happening again… 2021-01-13 (1)|690x388

Hi and welcome,

What happens, if you open and close the Lower Zone? Is the Project window redrawn correctly then?

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No… i have tried everything I can think of… the only way out was to open a new project and import the channels, which only works until I save it then reopen , only to find the same thing happens… This seems to also only happen when I use Cubase with restream from reaper with OBS… I’m using Cubase to live stream. very frustrating problem. I have been trying for weeks to find a solution but to no avail

Also when I open the lower zone it pushes the greyed out area further up so I can see even less of my tracks…


What graphic card do you use? Is the graphic card driver up to date, please?

Do you use HiDPI screen?

Hi @ajcat I suggest you try to troubleshoot your issue with this link Windows: Cubase does not start, crashes or is showing corrupted graphics – Steinberg Support

To me it seems that this could be due to an unstable driver from your GPU card. The best way would be to start cubase always using the embedded GPU card (at the end of the aforementioned page)

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. I use 2 different screens… my laptop screen and an attached monitor… it is the same on both… I feel like it could be related to connecting with OBS as it doesn’t happen to other projects that are not connected via ReStream pugin to OBS…