part on too many sides

Hi all.
Why does Dorico insist on placing the last system of my harp part on page 2, though there’s plenty of space on the lower part of page 1? I try to provoke it by inputting and removing system breaks, moving systems etc, but it does not work. Annoying!!
Hope somebody knows the remedy :slight_smile:
Best greetings Per Dybro

In Engrave mode, click the first note of your harp part and then CTRL-click (CMD-click on Mac) the final note, and use the Make into Frame command to put it all on one page.

Yes, but the question remains why Dorico don’t uses itself the available space on page 1. I discovered similar situations.

Yes! Thank you!

Is the file based on a MusicXML import? If not, was it started in an earlier version than 1.0.20?