Part print view is different from write view

I simply switch from Write View to Print view and this happens.
Not even shutting Dorico down and rebooting it changes this formatting problem…

The top image shows the Upright Bass part, the bottom image shows the Alto Sax part. In Print mode the top panel layout selector is greyed out because it’s irrelevant - you need to select the correct layout in the left panel of Print mode.

OMG, I’m an idiot. Thanks for saving me

This leaves us with the old question: if Dorico takes the trouble to grey out the layout menu in Print Mode, because it’s simply non-functional here, then why can’t it just hide it altogether?

Or make the type in the non-functional pull-down black rather than gray.
(Probably because then some user will complain that the layout names in the list have disappeared. I get it.)