Part Problem for Operetta

Hello everybody,
I’m encountering the following problem:
I have a multi flow work for chamber orchestra+singers. There is a piano part in all flows which also could be used as a rehearsal piano. The singers don’t sing in every flow. I need a part that has all singers and in the flows where they sing it should also show the piano, but the flows where they don’t sing should simply show a Tacet.
I currently can’t think of a way to achieve this unless there is some hidden functionality that I’m not aware of. Does anybody have an idea how to create a part like this?


Off the top of my head, the easiest way is probably to divide the piano writing between two piano players, one of whom accompanies singers and one of whom plays for everything else. Assign both to the score layout, cut and paste appropriately and then unassign the resting pianist from each flow. Then only assign the accompanying pianist to the piano-vocal layout.

Another option would be only assign flows with singers to your PV layout, then create the tacets manually with text frames/custom page templates/page overrides.


Depending on the singers’ use in the flows where they appear and how many piano interludes there are, it seems that Hide Empty Staves (either via the general layout option or via manual options) might be worth considering.

Thanks @pianoleo! Your first proposal works perfecly!