Part selector dropdown list - bottom part is outside of the screen, unable to select

When you have many parts, the part selector dropdown list gets so long that you need to scroll. When this happens, the bottom item on the list goes below the start bar (Windows 11), becoming unselectable.

This seems like an unnecessary bug. Is there away to fix or bypass it without screwing with the windows settings (like moving or removing the start bar)?

What operating system are you using, and which version (and sub-version) of Dorico are you talking about?

This problem should be fixed in Dorico 4.3 and later. Are you definitely using the most recent version of Dorico 4?

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I’m on windows 11. Also 99% sure I have the latest version of Dorico (I’ve used the new chord generator, so it’s definitely 4.3, but will have to check it in the morning for the exact version number).

Edit: I’m on version

Yes, same here.
I remember this being fixed with 4.3 on Windows 10, but I got a new PC recently with Windows 11 and the problem is back again. I’m using Dorico 4.3.20.

I have this problem too. Windows 10. Latest version of Dorico. Easy to happen in a full concert band score with lots of parts / players.