Part templates

Am I right in assuming the option to change title/composer etc. once for all parts is not available in Elements?

I deleted the flow heading throughout all parts in one go but had to enter a new title and composer for each part separately.

For some reason one part wouldn’t even let me do that: the engrave boxes did not match the others or were missing.

Be glad of any advice – thanks.

Did you overwrite the tokens?

If you use the project infos everything should work fine.

Many thanks Nukkul -

I think I have solved this with the project info and the layout options.

I keep my stuff simple to avoid brain-wreck! One project title one flow.

I wrote instrument, title and composer in the first part and then selected ‘use first page template first flow only’ with all layouts selected in layout options.

This seemed to bring up what I wanted in parts – instrument/title/composer.

All the best

Martin Kennedy

If you don’t need to use the “1. Flow 1” flow heading in addition to the project title, make sure you hide flow headings using the Layout Option rather than manually deleting the flow heading text frame, which creates a page override.

Many thanks Lillie Harris - I will do that
Best Martin