Part two of a session..Recording help please

Hello All, hope all is well…So I had a very productive session this weekend and I was able to record some pretty sounding vocals…OFcourse afterwards I applied some plugins, did some panning…Im a novice to some extent, but I feel like I got everything sitting where I want…The thing is I did all of this and the vocalist has to come back and re record some things…
Is it best practice for her to sing into the session the way it is now, again some vocals are not panned center/ settings not identical when we first started…Does it matter? Hope Im being clear

It shouldn’t matter but, just in case, you can always disable the plugins for tracking (which should give you some latency back as well) and pan things back to center (use the notepad feature on each track to write down any settings you want recalled). That will bring you back to square one without losing what you’ve done so far.


Alternatively, you could use track presets to save all of your track parameters. This will enable you to wipe everything clean for tracking and later apply the track presets on each track to go back to your mix. Either way, should work :slight_smile:.

Saving track presets, gotta look into that… I actually wanted to use this session as a template, being I have folders, group channels, plugins set respectively well… If there is a way of doing so without keeping the audio files please inform…Thanks in advance for the repsonses gents!

You can totally do that as well, page 51 of manual.


Yeah, latency could actually haunt the performance.

There is a button in the top left of the arrange window “constrain delay compensation” which will shut off all high latency plugins so you can then drop your sample buffers to the lowest latency.

The feed to the singer should be kept center as it was during initial tracking sessions so not to mess with their head. Centered vocals, not panned, impose less fork on the mind. The simpler the better IMO.

Now, if you have direct monitoring enabled, some of this will not matter.

I would agree, sometimes to much clutter in the mix when tracking vocals is a bad thing.

Start with some basic tracks and then do the real lead as soon as possible.
Then build the rest around that and you will have to take the lead in consideration no matter what.
If the lead is voice or some instrument doesn’t matter.
Lead is lead.