Partbooks in my polychoral score

Partbooks in my polychoral score

Enjoy problem solving in Dorico? This one involves Setup Mode.

Have a look at the following score. I’ve found a solution for my two problems, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a better way to go about it.

Partbooks Dorico forum 2022-11-13.dorico (1.1 MB)

I’ve created 6 layout tabs that hopefully explain what’s going on.

Full score - all is fine here.

Choir 1 - Kyrie 1 and Kyrie 2 are fine. In Christe I want the Choir 1 singers to see all the 8 parts singing, not just those in Choir 1. My solution is to make 8 new players, one for each part singing in the Christe section, and then in Setup mode click the Christe tab in the lower zone to use these new players.

Cantus 1 & BC (I have doubling instruments) - all is fine here since Cantus 1 is singing/playing in Christe. You’ll see that this (and all) partbooks have the basso continuo part included for the singer/player to follow.

Tenor 1 & BC - I want to see Tacet in the Christe section.

The problem is with the BC part, which of course is playing even though Tenor 1 is not singing/playing, so that I don’t get Tacet! My workaround is to duplicate the BC part and remove the notes in Christe. Then in Setup Mode in the right hand zone select each of the 8 singers/players in Christe and set to use the new BC part. BUT then I have to remember to make any changes to the BC part in the duplicate part as well - which is not brilliant. (And to compound this, in the complete score the Crucifixus also has a reduced number of singers so that I actually need three BC parts!)

BC - all is fine.

(BC all) - so that you can can see the original and the duplicate part together.

There you go. Ideas?