Partial Backup of a project

Hi folks,
Let´s say i´m working on 4 different songs in the same project, all lined up . Is there an easy way to backup just one of them to a new folder without backing up the whole project and then erasing the other three?
“Backup between locators” or similar?


Cubase assumes each Project is a single “thing” which could be one song, a set of songs, a collection of cues for video, whatever - but it always treated as a whole. A lot of folks would consider one song per Project as best practice for typical use.

If you’re finished working on everything and really feel like you need to separate them here’s what I do;

Duplicate the project 4 times. Just highlight the .cpr and hit command(alt) D four times. Now rename each cpr with the respective songs titles.
Open each song and eliminate the other three both on the arrange page and in the pool (remove unused media). But make sure you just remove it from the pool and NOT from your drive.

Once that’s done you can “Back up” each song to a new drive. Now your audio is totally independent.

Only do this if you finished. There are benefits to keeping things together while you’re still working.

I also use file/folder syncing software to back up large projects while I’m still working. It’s independent from Cubase. and usually only backs up very small amounts of data that’s been added or changed.

Hi raino,
Thanks for your answer. I know one song/pp is the easiest way to work. Its just when I record a full band rehearsal or want to use a portion of a live recording , sometimes i´d like to work with smaller files for ease of sending around.
My question really was for if by chance there´s some magical key combination (never explained in the manual but caught up in some tutorial or workshop :wink: ) for doing it easier.

Hi stevont,
Thanks for your reply. I usually do about the same as you. I just hoped there was some magical macro shortcut hidden somewhere :wink: