Partial bar selection over bar rest

I’m doing masses of cues at the moment in an opera score, and many of them start or finish partway through a bar rest.

Is there currently a way to make a selection beginning at an arbitrary point within a bar rest?

I’ve tried placing the caret at the right point, and then extending the selection with shift-arrow, but this doesn’t work, at least not for the purpose of inserting a cue.

I know you can select grid-based lengths of time using the system track, but it only appears to be possible to select the whole system using that technique, and although it’s possible to enter a cue into the uppermost staff of a system selection, cues don’t seem to extend into fractional bars selected this way unless there is an existing note or rest there.

I can obviously enter the cue from the beginning of the bar, and then adjust the starting point afterwards, but that process is painfully slow on my old machine with a 350-page score loaded, so being able to select and enter the cue in one shot at the right location would be a big time saver. Short of adding a temporary note just to make the selection I want, I haven’t been able to find a way around it.

Why not enable cues on your full score, and place them using that layout? Then disable cues for that layout when you’re done. That’s why I typically do.

You can also assign a key command to Duplicate to Staff Below to quickly duplicate exact cues to lower staves.

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I am placing cues in the full score. The issue is that placing exact start and stop points for cues which occur during bar rests, but which don’t occupy the whole bar, doesn’t seem to be possible without selecting the whole bar and trimming the beginning and end. If there happens to be an instrument with a note or an explicit rest in the right spot, then I can create the cue on that instrument, but often that’s not the case (in this case mostly recitatives where only the singer is singing, but all the other instruments need cuing at fairly precise spots).

I might be missing something, but can you show the caret at the position at which you want to show the cue, enter it using the popover, and then extend its duration with Shift+Alt+right arrow afterwards?