Partial beam affects the gap to the right of the arpeggio sign

When an arpeggio sign is added to a chord with a partial beam, the gap between the arpeggio sign and noteheads will be wider than usual. Since there is no collision between the partial beam and the arpeggio sign, isn’t this widening of the gap unnecessary?

arpeggio sign and partial beam.dorico (367.7 KB)

Until the Dorico developers have a chance to have a look at this, it only takes a few seconds to nudge it sideways in Engrave mode. Plus it only seems to happen when the stem is pointing down. It doesn’t crash or hang the application and it is a relatively minor inconvenience in a notational situation which only arises occasionally (except, maybe, in some late 19th-century salon music). If it happened to me I would just nudge the marking and then get on with entering notes.

Steven, your installed version of Bravura is out of date. Make sure you have version 1.392 installed, which is the current version at the time of writing.

I have had Dorico since December 2020 and updated it to 3.5.12 when that update was released.
In Font Book, it says that Bravura Text is version 1.277 and Bravura is version 1.272.
Where can I download version 1.392?

Don’t worry - I found it on github. Installed it. Arrowhead is good!
Thank you @dspreadbury for bringing that to my attention.

Is there a setting to make the arpeggio signs end with the note heads, rather than extending beyond them as in the example in the OP?

See Arpeggios - inconsistent line lengths - #4 by pianoleo

Thanks, pianoleo. Those settings produce very good results, and much better than Finale.

Indeed, these situations are rare cases and can be easily fixed in Engrave mode.
However, is there a reason why the partial beam affects the arpeggio position? Isn’t this behavior unnecessary? This is what I want to ask.

This arpeggio offset also occurs when the stem is pointing up, though not as noticeably as when pointing down.

An example for reference.
Brahms, Piano Sonata No.2, Op.2, 2nd movement.
Breitkopf & Härtel Edition ,IMSLP #107614, Youtube Link

I’m not disagreeing, but your observations will have been noticed (and noted) by the Dorico development team - they do read every post in this forum! Making a point over and over again does not make it rise towards the top of their list of things to do. They will prioritise it according to how important it is in the overall scheme of things and how much time and manpower are available to attend to it. From my perspective, as it doesn’t cause any “damage” and is easily adjusted, I would prefer to take a few seconds to adjust it and then, apart from this reply, spend the rest of my time notating rather than commenting.


Yes there is. And if you think about it long enough, you will work it out too. :wink:

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