Partial beams in repeat endings

Is there a way to get partial beams in repeat endings like this:

Setting the Partial beam direction in the properties looks purposeful, but the partial beams are rather short and I don’t see a way how to extend them. There’s only a property for the “End Y offset”.

partial beams-1

The red handle cannot be moved horizontally either:
partial beams-2

To get the partial beams to look like you want, you could use hidden notes and tuplets. Start by entering the notes in the two endings as shown below. The pairs of eighth notes at the end of the first ending are inside 2:1e tuplets:


Hide the tuplets. Select the eighth notes closest to the repeat barline and hide their noteheads, stems and ledger lines. Move the repeat barline and the hidden notes at the beginning of the second ending to the left in note spacing mode. Finally, adjust slurs or ties as desired.

If correct playback is necessary, you will need to suppress playback of the hidden notes and make judicious use of the playback start and end properties of the remaining notes inside the tuplets.

Thanks, John. It worked perfectly. Playback is not important.


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There are slur problems in the upper staff. The slur just before the repeat barline is missing, and the one just after the repeat barline does not extend to the second chord.

Edit: The problems have been fixed.

Thanks, Fixed.

A small addition: when I print the section with the hidden notes on my printers (HP - Epson), there are blank spaces.

PDF export is flawless.

I can confirm the problem but cannot explain it.

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