partial loading of files/merge


I use some other high end creation tools such as 3D studio max, these apps tend to have a merge function that allows you to bring elements of a “project” into a new one. This has multiple uses, but the main use for me is that I am able to open files that crash the software for one reason or another and to extract working elements from them.

Does Cubase have such functionality? - can I for example, merge in a cpr file and before the file loads tell cubase to only merge in certain instrument tracks, or certain audio tracks/

It would be great to have such a feature for old files (or files made by another producer) that crash the software at some point during the load process.

just checking in case I’ve missed something before I request the feature, and I know you can save track templates etc, but these functions require access to the file and pre-planning.

anyone know of a way to do this?