Partial shutdown of audio playback after confirming new project location


I’m running cubase 11 pro on Windows.

I copied a whole project directory from my external hard-drive to my local hard drive. When opening the project from the new location, I got a prompt that the project has been moved and I get the option to confirm the new location or use the old, I chose the new alternative.

After the move, hitting play, only some midi tracks and no audio tracks give sound. This is confusing since, cubase does find the audio profiles and I am able to play single audio files in the audio editor. Thus, I exclude that the path to the audio files is wrong. The behavior is shown in the applied screenshot.

Interestingly, after (but not before) confirming the new location, the project displays the same faulty behavior also if I open it from the old location.

All help appreciated,

Edit: Resolved with preferences reset to factory settings.

Glad you sorted it out.

But in the future it is much smoother to copy an entire Project from within Cubase using the ‘Backup Project…’ command instead of using the computer’s OS to make the copy.

Thanks, that is very helpful.