Partial square non-arpeggiato bracket


In keyboard music, when we want to indicate that a note written in a stave should be played by the other hand, we should use a partial square bracket. This bracket includes the note to be shifted, and is open in the direction of the other hand’s stave.

In Dorico we can have brackets for non-arpeggiato notes. However, we can’t let them open on one side. Is it something I’m missing, or a feature I should ask?


You may use that bracket and cover up the lower hook with a text space (set to white background) :slight_smile:

This may be a handy workaround. But I’ll also file a feature request! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it be easier to enter it as text? Bravura has a glyph something like this at hex E670.

Maybe, unless you need to also adjust the height …

Non-arpeggio brackets are not intended to show which hand should be used to play notes in a chord, obviously. However, we do intend to add dedicated tools for those kinds of lines in the future.