Partial update on print track

I know this can be fraught with issues, and not suitable for the final output. For some of those in-between renders it can be a good time saver to to update a section of a print track.

Does that work in Nuendo, and are there preferred/proven options?


2hr film mix timeline.

  1. I’ve run a real-time recording pass to a set of print tracks that mirror the DX, FX, MX stems and the master bus.
  2. We get some sound notes that only affect small areas of the mix. We make those changes, and re-run a real-time recording pass for each section that was changed.
  3. That adds new events to the print tracks, so we cut original recorded event apart and use snapping to glue everything together properly.
  4. We are careful to use a 2s pre-roll on the records so that any temporal effects are warmed up.
  5. We run a new export using these print tracks instead of the original stem/master buses.

That cuts down the export time from 1h45 - 2h to just under 10min (plus the time to re-record the changed sections.

9 out of 10 times these inserts are seamless, but every once in a while I get one that has a small dip right at the cut. I’ve tried overlapping them a bit, and finding natural pauses in the sound where I put my cuts. But not quite there yet.

Any suggestions to what works reliably?

Overlap the cut and put a very short cross-fade over it?

These are meant to be uploaded with new review renders of the film so people can judge if the changes worked. When everything is done and signed off, we’ll make a complete clean render pass of course to avoid any funny business.

I do the same regularly with TV shows. I typically do crossfades at the in/out points and audition each edit. No problems yet.

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Yes. Any audio edits should preferably have a crossfade, to eliminate artifacts.

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