Participation in research study: “Human Interaction with Creative AI System for Music Composition”

Dear forum community,

Currently we are conducting a research study in partnership with Simon Fraser University titled “Evaluating Human Interaction with MMM: A Creative AI System for Music Composition”. For this purpose we are looking for participants who are interested in Music Composition and Technology or would like to explore what cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems can do for their musical practice .

If you are interested in participating, we will ask you to interact with our creative AI system for composing music with MIDI and we will collect usability data and user experience feedback about your experience.

You will be asked to fill out a total of five survey questionnaires (approx. 1h30 in total) during and at the end of the study. The study is broken down in three distinct phases spread over three weeks to match respectively each composition task. You do not need to sign up for all the phases to participate.

The incentive to participate in this study can be chosen from our Elements product line: Cubase Elements, Dorico Elements or WaveLab Elements. The survey is limited to 50 participants and it’s one license for each participant (not all three).

We are looking for participants who consider themselves amateur or professional music composers and producers, are 19+ years with at least 2+ years of experience making music using in part, electronic or digital tools.

For participating or to obtain more details, please don’t hesitate to contact my colleague Maryam Safi (

Many thanks for your time!


From when until when will this study be conducted?

An AI writing music? Oh dear…if these compositions make money, I dread to think copyright law implications…


Sounds fun! What if we are already Pro series software users (Cubase 12 Pro)?

Pick Dorico or Wavelab instead

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I’ll take a special coupon on Cross-grade to Nuendo. I’m think about making the jump… Will I still love making and releasing music for myself. Sound design for video games and video/ podcast editing seems to be what more people need services for - willing to pay for…

Hi Matthias, I am very interested in this subject and am contacting her. Not for the offered incentive (maybe for the Dorico, the only one I don’t own), but for the research.
Thanks for sharing


Is the email address correct? I’ve sent Saturday a message to Maryam Safi, your colleague, and still didn’t get a reply. Hmmm…

If you are doing it to get free stuff then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. I wish they hadn’t offered incentives.


Hi @TSKissel, the study will be started around beginning of June and is broken down in three distinct phases spread over three weeks. However as mentioned you don’t need to sign up for all the phases to participate.


Hi, would you please write an Email to me on ( In this way we can follow the discussion better I guess. Thanks!

Hi @alin89c I believe you should already got an answer from me. Could you please confirm that? Thanks for contacting me btw.!

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We appreciate all your supports!


To all participants or those who are interested but still haven’t had the chance to contact me: we will start the Research Study on June 27th.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or comments on
Many thanks!