[partly solved] .10 export from montage/naming problem

After updating to .10, something weird is going on in the render dialogue:

  1. Chosing render ->multi -> whole montage -> “start” doesn’t do anything. Unless I’m overlooking something, it should render each clip to a separate file?

EDIT: This was pilot error, you have to choose, Single -> All selected clips. A bit unintuitive, but I won’t forget it now.

But this one remains:

  1. Chosing [select clip] -> render -> single -> union of selected clips, no longer inserts the clip’s name into the name box. I really don’t want to manually enter everything, especially when I can’t “batch” export (see above)



I think you need to better state what your goal is. Are you trying to render a WAV file of each audio clip? Each CD Track? A single file of the entire montage? Using “Whole Montage” will render the entire montage as one long file.

I personally define each song as CD Tracks using CD Track Splice Markers (except the very first marker needs to be a CD Track Start Marker and the very last marker needs to be a CD Track End Marker to be a valid montage for DDP Rendering too).

Then I render “All Regions” and “CD Tracks”. In this case, the Marker (Region) name is used. It all depends on your workflow but for me, using the clips isn’t great because then you can’t use the markers if needed to create some digital silence/buffer around each file if needed, which is common in a normal album mastering I think.

I want one wav per clip. Unless I remember it incorrectly, the “multi” option did this in .0.

As for silence around clips, I do this to the source. Perhaps not optimal, but, learned workflows are hard to sway :slight_smile:


Update: problem 1 was my fault, I didn’t use the correct setup. 2 is still weird.