[partly solved..] Audio not playing, lost VST2 component

I seem to have messed up my playback in Dorico.
Problem arised as I had two trial versions installed, which both called seperate windows.
1st was NotePerformer trial
2nd was Roland Sound Canvas VA trial
I did get them to work initially, but now both of them have stopped.
Also no extra trial remark is been displayed. They are both still in trial period.
SOUND Canvas VA has even disappeared from the Playback templates…

1st I uninstalled Noteperformer completely with its uninstallation script.
2nd I trashed SOUND Canvas VA.vst and SOUND Canvas VA.component

Then I reinstalled Roland SOUND Canvas VA, whitelisted it - but I don’t get it to show up in Dorico.
I had planned to buy the thing…

Any help welcome

Any chance you’re inadvertently opening Dorico 1 rather than Dorico 2? Dorico 1 doesn’t automatically get removed or replaced when you install Dorico 2…

When Dorico is running, choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

@pianoleo, thanks, brilliant idea :slight_smile:
)-: It is not the case though, I am definitely opening and working with Version 2. Just in case I trashed the Dorico 1 Application now which I had kept on the computer …
I even tried to reinstall Dorico Pro 2 - which does not work, because I already have a soft license running and for that reason can not install on top.

Ulf, thank you very much, I sent the diagnostics report to your email.


I have now got the Sound Canvas AV PlugIn up and running:

I set up a new VST Instrument in Play Mode, choose SOUND Canvas VA and this way got it to work.
Play Mode VST Instruments.png
Though I can not find it in the Playback templates…
Playback template - no choice.png
nor can I choose it in the Dorico Preferences
Dorico Preferences - no choice.png
I remember having seen them there a week ago…
Any help very welcome.
Dorico Preferences - no choice.png

I don’t know where the playback template comes from. Someone from the London team needs to answer.

Ah, I understand (and probably got it mixed up with NotePerformer which I also had on trial these days).
Anyway happy that I could get Roland SOUND Canvas AV to work with Dorico.
I will create some own templates to start from.

Currently there are only playback templates for HSSE and HSO. In the future we hope to make it possible to create your own templates

Thank you Paul.