Parts - including multiple and single staff layout in one part


I recently created parts for a piece that included the full score, having the instrument in question at 100% staff size and reducing the size of the other instrumental parts to 60%. This worked really well for the slow opening section, but was not needed for the faster end section. As a result, I would like to amend the parts and create parts that incorporate both: the full score with size reduction for the opening section and the instrument only for the second section.

Is this possible?

Probably yes, with a bit of a workaround.

You could duplicate the players and in the duplicates write only the first section. Then you could include those duplicates as needed in all the part layouts and set the option for hiding empty staves in Layout Options so they are not shown after the opening section.

Thank you - I will have a go!

Would using separate flows make the process easier?

I doubt it, Derrek, because you’d end up with duplicate information (and that means that if you change something future you have to remember to change it in both places).

How about setting up dummy score instruments and then cueing into them?

Dear Pianoleo,
This is exactly the idea I first had when I read the first post. Glad to know we had the same idea :grin: