Parts not synchronised to full score

I my Haydn String Quartet edition, I have just noticed in one of the set that after a day of altering the score to remove many, many redundant tuplet numbers and brackets, using gallery mode for the full score, the parts do not reflect this change, and do not reflect these painstaking edits. Why would this be?

Help! Dorico 4.0.20.

When editing the score, did you have ‚ÄúSet local properties:" set to ‚ÄúGlobally‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúLocally‚ÄĚ in the Properties panel?

Ah! Locally. So it should be globally in order to affect the parts? Ignorant person that I am, I was totally unaware of this. Moral of the story - keep reading the manual over and again!

So I see in the manual there is a ‚ÄėPropagate Properties‚Äô function. Would using that be the way to correct my mess?

That I don’t know. I also find myself having to consult the manual frequently.
There is a ‚ÄúPropagate Properties‚ÄĚ command in the Edit menu - that might be worth investigating.

Indeed - this page:

Works a treat. Thank goodness.

Well I hope this thread can make others aware of this and help in the future.

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