Parts order vl 2.03

it would be possible to get a detailed description of the channel order for parts.
I can push back and forth as much as I want, it shifts again and again to another position. Even if I save / load channel settings or set channel settings to all?
This is very frustrating.
Chanel order in tracks is different as in the mixer. It make no sense for me.
w11 vl 2.03

Hi @kyru,

let’s assume we have one Song with four Parts. And for TRACKS we have two Audio and one MIDI tracks.

Now, let’s look to the Mixer.

For Part_1 we take that Mixer ordering state. For Part_2 we change the order to “Track_3”, “Track_2” and “Track_1”

For Part_3 we change it to “Track_2”, “Track_3” and “Track_1”

And for Part_4 we’ll change it “Track_2”, “Track_1” and"Track_3"

I can now switch between the Parts and the Mixer-Ordering will be correctly updated. I’ve saved the Project, Reloaded and the Ordering is still reloaded correctly.

Attention : The Ordering in the TRACKS view it untouched

Does it help? Do you mean something differently?

Hi, yes it’s correct, but it didn’t work in my project.
If i change the order part by part, when i go back to part 1 , it is not memorized. Strange

… can you try it with a new project? There it works? It’s only not working with your current project? And you can always reproduce it?


I can try it, then it will probably work.
How am I supposed to make my existing project with 20 songs, 200 parts and 500 layers memorize the order?
It’s way too much work to save all songs individually and import them again, besides the stacks, the globals, etc…
I will wait for the update and hope this problem will be fixed soon.
The order is very important for me, because live the faders are always on the same place.

Hi @kyru,

… we’ve found the core problem and fixed it. Please re-try with the next Friday-Release and let us know your results.

Thank you,