Parts page numbering, two-up spread

I’m producing four-page instrumental parts, printed two-up, on spreads of 1–2 and 3–4, as outlined (and as cautioned against, yes I know!) in this post. Right now it looks like this, by default:

I’m having trouble doing this “the Dorico way”: page 1 needs to be on the left side of the spread. To get Dorico to do that, you insert a Page Number Change, which gives you this:

Very good, but now the pages are numbered 2–5 instead of 1–4. Is there any way to get my pages numbered correctly, i.e., the “wrong” way, with page 1 on the left-hand side of the spread, for the sake of this sort of part? (Yes I know it’s not the best practice, but it is a common one in orchestral music, and it also makes the page turns in this case dead simple.)

Try… In the pages panel, insert a blank page at the front. Select the 1st page of music (now page 2) and insert a page number change.

You can still print/export layouts in any formulation, regardless of their presentation within Dorico (and indeed you can view pages as a continuous stream, not as spreads).

The main thing the page number influences is what side of the page the number appears on, as the default Default template has outer/inner edge page numbers. You could have custom page templates with only one or the other and apply them directly to pages as needed, or indeed have a “spreads” page template set with the page number position inverted and use that set only in layouts where you want p1 to start on the left.

If you’re not fussed about having outer/inner edge page numbers, you could also position page numbers in the center and then left/right pages “look the same” from that perspective anyway.

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Wow, that actually works—!! Except now there’s a blank page at the beginning. It’s 95% of a solution, but it counts as 100% if you pull the blank page out of the PDF after export.

I’ll give it a try as well. I like that it’s a “click it and done” solution once you set it up. A permanent set of “opposite” spreads page templates baked into my parts page template set would take care of this almost automatically.

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Just export the page range of 2-5 and then the blank page won’t be there to begin with.

Ahhh, here we go…. Thanks all, I think that will do it!

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