Parts show material twice


I’m arranging for solo voice, cajon, piano and string orchestra. After deleting the second flow of the project I see a strange behaviour in two of the parts: they start from the beginning of the piece and on page 3 they start again! So I see the first two pages twice.

May be I corrupted them while trying to change the page template, I don’t know.

Thanks for any idea about what could be the reason!


macOS 14.3.1, Dorico, Halion Sonic 7, Iconica Sketch

Chances are that it’s an error in the Frame Chain in the left corner of the music frame. Whether it’s on the individual page or the page template is anyone’s guess, without screenshots or a project to look at.

99% of the time it’s the MA Frame Chain that should be used everywhere. The other 1% is projects that do fancy stuff, and situations where you’ve imported page template sets in and Dorico decides to do something different.

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Thank you very much!

It could be fixed by removing the page overrides from the first page. You gave me the hint to have a look at the frames and the engrave mode in general, thank you!