Parts: Volume resets in a shared or original, a bug or feature?

Quite simple issue to reproduce: I have a part and its shared duplicates. Part contains simply a vst instrument.
It seems when I adjust the volume of a part (original or shared duplicate), the volume changes as it should. But when moving to another part, and after that returning the shared or original part (the one with adjusted volume), the volume has reset to volume prior to ajusting.

Is this a bug or have I missed something? I could live with the feature that shared parts cant have different volumes with original, but for now it seems I cant even change volume of all my shared parts, they are fixed to the volume that was prior to duplication.

If by “the Volume” you refer to MIDI volume, then that is quite logical. The same MIDI command sent to the same instance with the same MIDI channel (!) means they are 100% identical. Same for MIDI Pan, btw.

Change the MIDI channel of the Layer output (“Instrument”) so they don’t match and you can adjust MIDI volumes individually.

Audio controls are individual anyway (toggle “Audio/Midi” switch at the Layers’ top left).

Thanks for quick response.
I refer to audio channel volume.
as I duplicate the part to shared one, it seems that I cannot adjust neither the original part nor the shared part audio channel volume. As I switch between original and shared part after adjusting the audio channel volume, it reverts always to the original value (that was set before the part was duplicated as shared) in both parts. Outcome: After duplicating the parts, I cannot change their volumes anymore in part editing.

As I have used Mainstage before, I first thought there has to be somewhere a snapshot function that saves the part properties which later will be applied as the part is activated, but apparently there is no such a function in Live VST… yet? :wink:

Cannot at all reproduce that. Ar you sure to refer to audio volume (not MIDI, which has an orange handle)?
New project, right click Part, duplicate shared, switch between parts and you can change audio volume of the shared Layer individually, no?

Darn, I found the solution. I had the “Shared Audio Controls global” setting enabled in Preferences. Problem solved! Learning, learning :slight_smile:

We see this happening so often, so here’s some advice: if you change anything to try or test something, and it doesn’t work, always set it back to where it was before. This can save hours of searching (and counts for any app whatsoever).

There is also the “Help/Clean all user Data” option. It will not erase preset data such as saved Parts, Layers, Stacks etc, but all local settings will be reset to defaults.