Passing Midi through on VST Instrument track

Hi everyone.
So what I need is this: I got a Midi Masterkeyboard and i’m controlling a VST instrument track in Cubase 5. Now I would like that the midi notes are passed through, so that I can control another midi hardware (TC-Helicon harmonizer). This would allow me to play a VST plugin and at the same time provide harmony information to the TC-helicon. At the moment midi notes received by the plugin are not lead through, despite the Midi Thru option being activated in Preferences.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you need send MIDI track to somewhere in a sidebar (set MIDI output). Maybe you need MIDI out of your audio interface send to MIDI in of Harmonizer.

Well, I should have added this in my OP: I have my harmonizer connected Midi Out from Audio Interface to MIDI In in harmonizer.

Create as many midi tracks as you want.

One track could have a VSTinstrument on it, another midi track could just have it’s output set to where your hardware is.

Just hit the monitor button on the ones you want to work.