Passing sound from external application directly to the output


I’m using an external application to create sound sent to a virtual audio cable which serves as an audio input to an audio track in Cubase.
I have the “Monitor” option of the audio track checked, so the whole thing works great!

However, since I’m not experienced at all with Cubase, I wonder if I missed something obvious and there is a more “direct” approach, I mean to get the sound to the output without creating an audio track and having to set the monitor on.

Any ideas on this one?

No, I think you need to have an intermediate Audio Channel between the Input & Output. But you could use a Group Track for that. Set it up in your Template to have Monitor Enabled and route to it as needed.

The limitation exists because an Input Channel can’t set a routing Destination, it can only be chosen as a Source by a Destination. And similarly an Output cannot select its own Input Source it can only be selected as a Destination. So you need something in the middle to bridge that gap.



My expectation is, you generate the sound in real time while playing back the project, right? If this is not the case, you could just make the audio file independently offline and import it to the project.

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Hi Martin, exactly.