Seems like the trend in 2016 continues… (time steals from all)

RIP Leonard Cohen

RIP Leon Russell

RIP Doug Edwards

Thanks for the great music guys…

Victor Bailey too . :cry:

Wow, not a good week.

Being released from ALS is a blessing however.


No, not a good week at all. That song, always look on the bright side of life, has been repeating in my head actually for a while now. It’s tough as times have changed quite dramatically in terms of the music industry. The figures that used to steer our minds are slowly Vanishing and we’re left to White Noise.

White Noise is very ill and won’t last long

:laughing: Everyone is “silenced” sooner or later.

What? Can you speak up a little?
R.I.P. Don Adams (September 25, 2005)

Agent 99 has not been silenced… :wink: