Password Reset


My Windows 10 computer crashed in the middle of a session today and I had to totally reinstall Windows just now. Unfortunately, I don’t have my current password, because I was required to change it recently and didn’t make note of it, and now, I can’t even login to download Cubase 11 and Wavelab, which means I can’t download and install all of my plugins (SSL, NI, Waves, etc.).

Please advise asap. This is a secondary email, by the way. Thanks for any help!

That’s some unfortunate timing. Check this announcement:

If you’re using a version of Cubase and Wavelab that requires the eLicenser dongle, you can still download the installer and all required software from here:

They should still work fine after installing the eLicenser Control Center. No login required.

Thank you very, very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,