Past Projects Presets

have just upgraded my system with windows 7 and Cubase 6. (64)
I also have HSO full edition upgrade from Halion String Edition. I have many projects using HSO and am now somewhat confused as to how to fire up past projects using presets that were used.
After a botched attempt to install HSO last night, (getting “Syncrosoft Licence Control Warning there are other activated processes which disturb the installation process.
Please restart the computer and repeat the installation.")
I have checked a few posts and it seems that all I need to do is install the trial version on the Cubase 6 DVD, and because I have a licence that will give me what I previously had when I was using HSO in Cubase 4 and 5.
Is that correct? The original HSO content came on quite a few DVDs not just one which makes me think the content must be watered down.

A blow by blow account of how, if possible, to get HSO as I had it in Cubase 5 would be welcome .

Somewhat confused.

Real-DrumsNew Member Posts: 9Joined: 16 Dec 2010 22:17