Paste at same position

Is there a key command for “Paste at the same position as the source”?

No, it’s always based on current position of selection or caret.

Thanks for the incredibly fast answer :slight_smile:

That key command would be on my wish list! I use it in Logic all day and you can get really used to!

Generally I think you’ll find that if you copy and then immediately hit Return, your caret should appear at the start of the selection…

I may be wrong - I’m not in front of the computer right now.

It does not when not in write mode, and to select notes you have to leave write mode. But I just have to get used to select and copy the rests too when the note selection doesn’t start on beat one. I come from Logic where you can’t select rests. Rests in Logic are where ‘no music’ is.

You actually can select multiple notes while in note input mode. Press Shift-left arrow.

Edit: oopsie. Fixed.

I think there’s some confusion here over “write mode” be “Note input mode” (which only exists inside of Write mode”…