Paste Bug on Dorico Pro 2.0, irregular group weirdness.

When I try to paste what is selected in the first screenshot, and paste it to the bar at the end, some really strange things hapen, as you can see in the second one. Im doing some test transcribing stuff into Dorico, to test it’s habilities and limitations … I was suprised to find this.

Daniel, in case you guys want it, I’ll attach a .rar with both the screenshots and the project file. Great work on the update BTW! im enjoying those ossias and aditional staffs a lot
DORICO PASTE BUG 010618.rar (733 KB)

I’m not sure, but I think it is related to the fact that you have Chord mode (q) activated, as seen in the left-hand panel. Disable it and try again.

Yes, I agree with Anders’s diagnosis: if you have Chord mode engaged, then Dorico will merge all of the voices together, which is useful under some circumstances, but not in this one!