Paste events at markers. WTF!

How is it possible that Cubase doesn’t have a simple editing function:
paste audio events at markers position?

Please help!

Well, I don’t know if this will be of sufficient help, but, for the first 9 Markers, you can use the numeric keypad, to place the Play Cursor at the relevant Marker, then it will Paste to the Cursor position :wink:.

I have to posta a snare, many markers generated from hitpoints.
I don’t want to use GA and midi, it is not very precise for me. :frowning:


Just one question springs to mind, however…
Paste to which Marker? You’d have to select it somehow anyways, so how about selecting the Marker Track then using a key command for “Locate Next Event”, which places the Cursor directly there? Then you’d just have to select your destination track again each time.

Forget the markers please!

Here is the same things with the events:
Take a snare track, detect hitpoints and create events from hitpoints.
Now import a sample and paste a sample at the begninning of each next event of that track.

Any way to do that?

By almost the same method as the thing you just told me to forget :wink:.

I haven’t well understood your method.

Select your Snare track (with the created events on it) then use the (i think?) default Key Command “N” to locate the next event on the track, then Paste.
(in the Marker Track example, you’d also have to re-select the destination track, otherwise you’d be trying to paste events onto the Marker track itself :wink:

Nice method, Thank you!

Do you know the shortcut to past/duplicate an event at cursor position, please?

It pastes there by default anyways.(unless you use one of the specific Edit functions, "Paste at Origin, and Paste Relative to Cursor)