paste "ghost audio clip copies"


I wonder if there’s a way to copy/paste an audio clip in the timeline, as a “dependent” clip.
E.G.: If I copy a clip on the timeline and paste it somewhere else in the timeline, both clips can be shortened (by dragging the left or right boundary) independently. Is there a way just shorten the source clip and all copies of it in the timeline change their length automatically? Is there any special paste command to make the duplicate not an individual clip?


If you’re going to work with Cubase (actually this applies to any tool) then you have to make an effort to understand the basic elements and concepts as they are handled by the program. What you want to do is possible, just not in the way you have it in your head. First learn the relationship between audio files, clips, parts and events, and learn how the software works with them at the most fundamental level. Check out the first couple of tutorials from Walt Hunicutt plus the relevant sections in the manual e.g. Pg. 180 - 182 “duplication” and “shared copies” q.v…

Thanks for your reply, PriHar. I know about the basic elements and concepts of Cubase - that’s why I especially asked about this feature for CLIPS. But let me precise the reason for my question:
Lets assume: I a convert an audio event into a part and duplicate this part as shared copies. I then alter one of the parts in the part editor (i.e. shorten the event, add a fade, change the level or what so ever), this alteration is reflected in all of the other shared part copies - with the exception of the lenght of the part itself. Is there a way to include part length changes as well? (Or could this already be mastered on a “clip basis”, which was my original question :wink:

I’ve not found a way to either paste as a shared copy or reflect length changes to shared events… You can paste a shared copy if it’s a shared copy already, perhaps that will do for you?

I’ve suggested in the past that we need a ‘shared group select’ option so that we can select a shared event and get the others included in the selection somehow. This would be great to check which parts are shared from which others (my shares get quite complex when there’s loads of different shares across the project). Also then we could change the length of them in one easy go too!

Worth considering a feature request or two for this I think…