Paste in Metadata in to CD tracks table etc

I’ve been using HOFA for a while before moving over to Wavelab for pro Mastering work. One of the things I loved about HOFA which I can’t figure out in Wavelab is that I used to get clients to complete track titles etc on a spreadsheet template, then I could just copy paste the entire column in to the track listing in HOFA. In Wavelab, I don’t think I can do that and it’s costing me a lot of time and mistakes. Is there any way to do this? Or a Wavelab form I can send to clients and then load into the montage etc? Maybe I’m just missing something!?

What do you mean by “etc” ?

Track titles is the big one, but also isrc’s, songwriter - all the data in that table I like to get my client to fill out on a form (it’s their data), and then I paste it in. In hofa that’s two clicks as you can copy/paste the column, in Wavelab it’s 50 clicks, or even worse, typing which I hate to do as it allows for mistakes


Have you checked out Audio CD Reports in Montage ?

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He is speaking about importing data, not exporting.

My workflow makes it so that this is less of a pain point for me but having used HOFA a few times over the years, I can say that the way the CD-Text/Metadata input is more column-like is likely a more efficient way for some users.

Doesn’t WaveLab have a way to import XML data?

Thanks Justin. I can’t seem to get any copy/paste from spreadsheet, or columns etc to work, but perhaps there’s another way to import, I don’t know. I’ll look up XML. How do you get the track names in from the client into the CD data? Perhaps I’m missing something!

Ah, it looks like maybe only the ISRC codes can be imported via a text file. See attached.

For some reason I thought there was XML support too, but that might just be for the batch processor. Maybe a way could be added for easier importing of CD-Text/Metadata from a spreadsheet or file.

It’s hard for me to explain it in a forum post at the moment but the way I handle file naming and data collection throughout my mastering process has made it so that this isn’t really a pain point for me and I get the info entered in very few clicks/commands, and this info is pushed to any and all master file formats that I render.

Probably because I developed it based around WaveLab many years ago now vs. trying to make WaveLab do exactly what another app can already do.

Ok sorry! :upside_down_face:

Perhaps a Metadata Editor to be able for import
of useful client info maybe in WL 12… ?

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Please post such an example.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 08.35.12
So I use an excel spreadsheet to collect all the data I need. In an ideal beautiful world, Wavelab would come with a form that you could send to a client, they put in all the data and you could just transfer it into the session using ‘import metadata from file’. Well, that would be amazing for me anyway!
Attached a copy of my spreadsheet. The key for me is that the client already has to carefully enter the song names, ISRCs etc, its not somewhere that I can add anything other that making a mistake and getting a spelling wrong, or pasting in the wrong isrc, or missing the fact a track is from a previous release - all things the client has to get right. So really we’re just trying to duplicate the data, so it would be great if this process was streamlined. Failing that, ‘import track names’ function that worked the same as the ‘import isrc’ would be amazing

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 08.35.12

Ah thats great thanks. shame there’s not the same for import song names then for me! I actually wrote to HOFA asking if they could make it so you could paste in a column of data - whether or not they listened I dont know but it did appear in the next release. Its an area of mastering I struggle with, well, text details is an area of life I struggle with! So I’m always looking for ways to ensure I don’t make mistakes

I don’t see your attached file.

Sorry, here you are

That’s the document your client is filling, right?
What is the editor of this document? What is the file format of this document?

yeah that’s right. It’s just an excel spreadsheet .XLS It’s nice to have all the info in one place, but it’s a pain transferring over box by box

I think (?) I understand better now. Originally, I thought you wanted WaveLab to import and analyze a whole spreadsheet. But what you describe apparently, is that you have this whole spreadsheet filled by your client and want to copy/paste columns manually one by one. Right?

A method to import all CD-Text fields from a spread would be great. I’m not sure if it could extend to metadata too or if we still have to use the CD-Text pushed to metadata technique which is easy once you have a preset defined in a template montage…it’s just that CD-Text doesn’t nearly as many fields as metadata can.

Aside from CD-Text and metadata, having it rename the CD Track Splice markers would be helpful and ideal as that is where much of my downstream data is generated from.

That’s correct, yes, column by column would be great, in fact even just the track titles column would be fantastic.

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