Paste in Metadata in to CD tracks table etc

The CD Track name is the Marker Name. Editing either has the same effect.

Not exactly. The name in the markers field can be different than the name in the CD-Text Track Name field. My point was that any importing would be great if it could name the Marker (Start or Splice) AND the CD-Text Track Name field at the same time.

No, never. Double check :wink:
However, clip names are completely independent.

Maybe we are speaking about two different things but the Marker Name can definitely be different than the CD-Text Track name.

See attached.

Sorry, my weak english I guess.
“CD Track names” and "marker names "are always the same.
“CD Text” and "marker / CD track names "are independent.

Ah yes. I don’t want to hijack this thread anymore, I just wanted to note that it if a feature is added, it would be good if the feature could take the song/track name and populate both the Markers Name, AND the CD-Text Name which in my opinion can be set to different things.

For example, the CD Wizard uses the Clip Names to generate the marker names and then even if you add the CD-Text correctly, you have to take another step to change the marker names to match the CD-Text. There is even a WaveLab command for it which makes it fast, but it would be nice if any new import features covered both fields.

FWIW, I never change the clip names because I want to know the exact original file name so I typically update the marker names first to be the correct song names, and that can easily be pushed to CD-Text in one button press.

The other reason I know Marker Names and CD-Text can be different is that with my rendering and naming scheme, I use the CD-Text (plus numeric prefix) to generate the file names, so that the file names are safe names limited to ASCII, but if the song titles have special characters, I keep those in the marker names because I use the marker names to populate the actual metadata.

For many projects, the Marker Names and CD-Text track names are 100% the same but for projects with songs that have special characters, I purposely make them different for file naming scheme reasons, and metadata reasons.

Somewhere in there I think there is room to simplify.

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