Paste into Drum Slash instrument

I am actually still on D4, as I am in the middle of a big project with the deadline next week, so better not risk things.

I am trying to paste a line (e.g. flute) directly into a drum slash voice, but I don’t seem to find a way to do it. I can past in the drum kit, and if it were any other instrument I could just move it to there, but I cannot move notes into a slash voice from any other instrument. Am I missing something?

No, I don’t think this is possible, I’m afraid. I believe you’ll have to reinput those rhythms.

It would be in general very nice, if the notes could be inserted in the actual instrument that the caret is showing in the drum set.

I just tried this and I am able to copy from a melodic instrument directly to a drum slash voice via both Copy/Paste and Alt-click. (Maybe you know this already. Indeed Alt-M/N don’t seem to work moving to a percussion staff.)

And how were you able to do so?

Maybe the difference was I had a single instrument rather than a kit? I haven’t worked with percussion kits yet.

I’m still not sure of your exact situation, so I’m curious. Maybe after your deadline you can post a cut-down version showing the problem.

Yes, it’s about percussion kits, in particular in 5-line presentation, but that doesn’t matter because the slash voices don’t appear in any other representation.

It happens to me in new projects and Daniel confirmed the behavior, so I think there’s not much more to be done about it, I guess.

Just wanted to check that it’s not possible to do what you want by pasting into an instrument in grid mode? I’m not too familiar with drum slashes/grids and so I thought I’d just bring it up in case.

Slash instruments don’t appear in grid mode (for me in D4.3)

Ahhh ok. I get it.